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  1. I know you have your plate full, just had to add that on this post lol, and I’m glad to hear everythings rounding the bend. I could never write a book. It’s just too much work. I mean, ones like yours with so much info for people. I could probably do one of those simple ho-hum ones, maybe.

    Thanks for sending us those advance recipes. My kids said Right On to the sloppy joes and cakes of course!

    Talk to you later, Rosy.

  2. Thanks for the preview. We all gathered over spiced apple cider in front of the fireplace and took turns reading the sections your sent.

    We can’t wait to get the books and have already started writing down on our calendar some projects you listed. We already called the cancer ward of the hospital and have the ok to bring some of our homemade apple cider to all the kids and people on the ward, and staff of course.

    Everyone is busy making the cards and Janelle has found a nursery to make a donation of enough small plants for everyone. We will be caroling, too, at the orphanage and giving treats to the dogs and cats at the animal shelter next week.

    We are grateful to have this push and we all feel tingling inside, is what Johnny keeps saying. It’s good to see him up and about and well again. Your ideas have given him the reason to get up and we see his illness soon behind him.

    We all send our best.

  3. Hey guys, have you tried the sloppy joes? The kids went wild on them yesterday! ok, must admit, so did we.

    You’ve now got us hooked on smoothies, Rosy. We never gave them a thought really. Now we know how to totally impress the family on Thanksgiving and Christmas with the eggnog, and other goodies that I won’t give away until the books are out.

    Thumbs up and have a happy day!

  4. We are so excited to hear you’re rounding the bend on your books. I can’t believe my husband is actually requesting an encore on your special lasagna and other meals you sent us as a sneak preview.

    Thanks also for the 007 spoiler alert chapter sections. Hey, I agree, got to have some thought provoking sections.

    oh btw, we also started building the rec wall in our second br.

    We all know your TLC is well worth the wait.

    Thanks! Happy Day back. 🙂

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