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  1. Merry Christmas Rosy and OCB Friends!

    This is going to be a really super year. Can’t you just feel it? We’re visiting in-laws in brrr cold weather, yep, even colder than what we’re used to.

    Eating waay too much already. They keep kicking us guys out of the kitchen since we can’t help but try out all the baked goods. Hey, it’s not our fault. It all smells so good. 🙂

    We know you’re looking at Valentine’s Day for the Amazon launch! So many lives will be helped. You have a good heart and we’ve learned a lot from your book shorts you sent us. Thanks!

    Okay all, stay bundled up and of good cheer.

    Randy family including all the pets. lol

  2. Hi Friends!

    Wishing everyone all the best and blessed for this Christmas and Happy New Year!

    We may have been drinking a bit too much cheer 🙂 but I made it in time to wish you all the best.

    Hope you got all you needed and the extra wants can be goals for 2017. Absolutely do feel it’s going to be a more prosperous New Year in more ways than just financially–although we can all use that one.

    See you all around the bend.

  3. Always Good Cheer, Rosy!

    You’ve inspired us on so many levels, only God realizes the gratitude we all feel. The kids have joined many new groups and found new friends who are on a better path. Our homeschooling has brought more joy and harmony in our home, too.

    And the neighborhood gardens are fantastic! We’ll send you updated pics we took using your ideas from those chapters. And we have a stronger and more bonded community now.

    Merry Christmas to All!

  4. Dearest Rosy,

    We send our very best to you and yours for Christmas and the New Year, and every one of my friends at OCB.

    Kimberly now laughs with your “Resistance is Futile” while making me her veggie dishes (some from your books). She just may convert me. I’m certainly feeling much more alive.

    Many more laughs and good tidings to all in 2017.


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