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Windows 10, Spies on Your Computer — 4 Comments

  1. Hiya gang,

    Nice post, Rosy. Thankfully, this is 1 thing I’m out of the loop on and can leave that in George’s capable hands.

    We are server based and it’s not part of project management! Our family never gets tired of the fireworks. Quite a show.

    I’m going to private message re an upcoming event.

  2. Good Day Seana and Rosy.

    I am fighting to keep my old computer just the way it is. These new and improved ways don’t agree with my stomach. windows 10 looks like a whole lotta trouble. My oldie but goodie computer is just fine the way it is ol’ Billy.

    Wishing you a good day.

  3. I had to call in the troups (kids) last week when I accidently downloaded it. I think it’s all back but I just don’t trust it’s all there.
    In a couple of weeks I’ll feel more relaxed. I stopped updating though.

    Hope y’all had a great July 4th!

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