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    How many are fighting against the Windows 10 forcing it’s way onto you and your computers? Raise your hand.

    Kim Komando, the “tech goddess” is ripe with lots of info and problem solving for your computers, cell phones, which gifts to buy for your kids and just about everything tech you can think of. She’s on the radio every week and worth…[Read more]

    • Daisy replied 3 years ago

      We are all fighting this upgrade or should we all call it a downgrade. Thanks for the links, Rosy.

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    Sample BizCard 4

    See Our Reviews and pics on Yelp – From Modest to Majestic  10% off  



    Sample BizCard 3

    Have Music – Will Travel:  Jazz, Oldies, Blues

    We’ll Play 1 Day Free for Every 2 Days!

    Open to Jazz on Fridays &am…[Read more]

  • ~~~ Example ~~~

    Depends on the Angel

    Quality Tech Support – Call or Emails Me …..

    Every Issue is Amazing! Email us with your Membership Link to get your 1st Issue FREE!

    *** EXAMPLE ***

  • Game for Fame will have everybody ROFLOL It’s Easy and ages from 8 to 800 (we can wish, can’t we?) can play.

    As all who know my, I don’t want Fame, just Fortune (to help all the animals and children, schtick, I do Love giggling games.

    Get into Teams. Choose your Money Maker card. And Get Ready for all the comical, wacky and laughable…[Read more]

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    In the spirit of local block parties, per Vol I, starting a Save the Butterflies project is not just a worthy and uplifting thing to do but it brings awareness to so many others. It will enlighten their days and give them a reason to pop out of bed in the morning to check on the plants and see if any Monarchs are there.

    Saving Monarchs provides a…[Read more]

    • Hi Rosy,

      I know you wish you could take that magic wand of yours and all your thoughts would be in your books. And that’s why so many of us are not patient enough to write a book, or 3!

      They are so wonderful. And we are all glad you send us some previews. Our lives have changed for the better and our household has become much softer and more…[Read more]

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    It’s great for us members to group private each other. I love this as much as y’all 🙂 altho we’ll need to open up a bit when we began getting new member so it’s more a group hug. ox

    • Trina replied 5 years ago

      Yeah, we are all ready for more friendships. I know you’ve been totally busy getting all this together and I’m glad I could help with the site. 🙂

    • Seana replied 3 years ago

      watching this transformation is so cool to see we can make a change if we just keep on keepin’ on. you’ve given me hope, Rosy, that we just need to use our faith in ourselves to swerve around that corner onto a cool path just waitn for us.

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    There are Lots of things to do on Christmas to do. So Get Up and Get Going! Some Ideas:

    ** Meetups.com are in every state and country. Check it out right now. It’s FREE. Get-Togethers for everything: Orphan Christmas Potlucks (veggie and not), movies, dinners, dancing, board games, tennis/golf/hiking/yoga/ping pong/sailing/kayak/, doggie…[Read more]

  • hay is for horses


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    Sample BizCard 4

    Sample BizCard 3

    Sample BizCard 2

    Sample BizCard 1

    Sample BizCard 5



    Sample BizCard 7


    Sample BizCard 6