Open the drapes and let the sunshine in!  OurCareBooks comes to the rescue with some new ideas and styles on how to open those doors and windows to feeling happier and connecting better with family, new friends, and new loves. You’ll be shocked at the parenting styles that turn a chaotic house into a Team working together. Rah-Rah

REAL Healthcare for just $50 for Adults and $10 for kids with unlimited visits! Really! Of course, with the recipes and herbs in these books, the kids and you will rarely get sick!

There are apple pandas, watermelon trains, banana dolphins, dinosaurs, penguins gliding on snow, and pirate ships…and oodles of other surprises.

And, of course, lots of info for our Fidos and Pretty Kittys and our wildlife animal friends and their adventures. Around the carnival tents are Games for Kids of all ages and styles including our Special Olympic kids, sight and hearing impaired, and those in wheelchairs! Games all can join in and bring laughter to our homes, schools, and neighborhoods.

So grab your E ticket and get ready to be totally amazed on this exciting sailing trip.  These family excursions are read-together do-together books opening magical doors to beautiful flowered worlds with amazing party ideas, community interactions not yet thought of, creating fun and funny food, and emerging into a healthier life together.  You can even leap frog to the Eating chapter and peruse the food Funny Faces for giggles! Kids will jump for joy with wide-eyed ooh’s and ahh’s.  These incredible dishes and smoothies will inspire everyone to make some fun meals now.