Previews for our VIP Friends.

Put that cell phone down and turn off social media and Have Some Real Fun! Go ahead and take a seat and get ready for another wild ride and have fun exploring and getting involved in new and exciting traditions.  There may be some splashing and bumps along the way, but what fun would it be with just a boring flat road ride.

So hold on. We are about to slide down the rabbit hole to spirited imaginations filled with colorful and funny puppet shows, saving butterflies in the wild, easy DIY incredible girls and boys bedrooms with Cinderella, Super Heroes, Pirates on shipwrecked islands, and whales with their ocean friends…and we didn’t forget about Dad’s Man Cave…lots of surprises here for the Sports Fans. And even Treasure Hunts using Morse Code and Braille. Yes, you can learn and have Fun, too! Secret messages for the kids.

Around the bend, we float back into the past of the 1800s and visit President Lincoln and his friend Frederick Douglass changing history and live through their thrilling life-changing adventures.

And we won’t give you Spoilers on the Kids’ Inventions throughout history–that we still use today. Amazing stuff!